Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tasty Sausage pie!!

Tonight we had one of our  favourite meals for dinner and I thought I would share the recipe. My kids are great eaters and will eat whatever is on the plate - but this is a real goodie ("mama I love this pie times 3000!!")
There's nothing like pie, mash and vege on a chilly autumnal night... enjoy!

- pie pastry/puff pastry
- 4 eggs
- 6 sausages (or whatever you have)
- cheese (about a cup or so - grated)
- milk
- mixed herbs
- one chopped onion

1. Boil and skin sausages
2. Roll pastry - you want a top and bottom
3. Line pie dish with pastry
4. Chop sausages and put into pie dish
5. Mix in a bowl - eggs, onion, grated cheese, a pinch of herbs and a splash of milk
6. Pour above mix over sausages
7. Cover top of pie with pastry - decorate with any left over bits of pastry

Cook 180 C (gas mark 5) for 40 mins... and enjoy!!

PS - this is great to cut up for lunches too if you have any left over.


  1. Thanks for the recommendation Laura - I made it last night and it was a hit!

  2. i have to laugh and smile at happy memories when i read this. THIS was the first thing you made for us girls in our clyde st flat. glad to see you specified puff pastry ;o)

    it is such a delish pie and such a family fave! i've passed it on lots of time - likewise with your fudge cake (called laura's fudge cake in my recipe book!) with oil and vingear - great for my wee girl who is dairy free! so thanks so much!

    lol, even just seeing the pie takes me back to the '90s!

    blessings, claire

  3. Hey Claire,
    Oh yeah - you can't beat a pie for flatters (esp 90's flatters!!) You know, I have totally forgotten about the fudge cake - I need to get the recipe off you!
    I was thinking the other day about the soup with pasta in.... that was another fav... and then the risotto with sausage.... ahhh!
    Lotsa love XX