Friday, September 23, 2011

Seriously cute

I get the feeling that this guy likes his new book....


For a while I have been scheming as to how to get more from my vege garden....

Of course, my scheming always involves this handsome fellow....
(CJW - it is noted that once again you are absent for such tasks - sigh!!)

Another vege garden is what I need!

And then I look over my back fence and see this.... roading into the new subdivision!! Wahhhh!!
Does anyone know of a spacious, warm, cute cottage on an acre anywhere near me that's within our budget? Hmmmm - didn't think so!!

On a more amusing note, there is still one member of the family who is yet to learn the rules of the morning tea picnic (primarily: thou shalt not scab food!)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The boys....

This one is asleep with his new book....

Just one more peek at how cute he is!

These two are watching the news

It amazes us how affectionate Milo Dog is. 
It's almost like having a cat in the house when he tries to climb on our knees and snuggle in!
Oh we love him!!!

The Princess and her Prince

It's time to dance

The Royal musician 
(in the keys of G, A and D...)

Some cool moves by the Prince!

And a member of the audience wondering if it's time to bring out the popcorn for intermission.....

Makin' bread!

The rolls that were a flower, a snail and a turtle.....

Monday, September 12, 2011

Yummy quiche for dinner!

Mmmm - quiche.....
(recipe from the NZ Gardener Homegrown recipes)

And to keep the kids happy, salad and home-made foccacia bread
(this is how I get the kids to eat what they don't like - make sure there is at least one thing on the table they like - then have the rule that they eat what they don't like every time...)

I love this time of the day.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Birthday girl

I usually show the photo of the candles being blown out - but I thought this candid one was funny! Look at the adoring glance Lucy is giving Milo!!
(as an aside, Milo made an appearance at the birthday today and it was amazing how chilled out he was with the 23 children!!!!! It seems like he has been part of our family a lot longer than 24 hours! AND just at the right timing.... Lucy slept through the night last night. No frightened footsteps to our bedroom at 3am! yeeeha!)

A very happy birthday girl!

We have had parcels and emails and messages from a number of you to wish the birthday girl a happy day.
Thank you so much - it really helped to make it a special day for her.
In fact, as she was eating her dinner tonight, Lucy pronounced this
"The BEST birthday EVER!!"

Miss Lucy, what a joy you are to us. We love your contagious laugh, your very caring ways, your snuggly huggles and the way you show your love to us. Grow in grace our girl, and never forget how much we love you.

(I wanted to have a few photo's of past birthdays - except I couldn't because they are on my lap-top, which is at the 'lap top doctors' and unlikely to be repaired!! Wahhhhh!!!)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Birthday food......

Tomorrow for Miss Lucy's birthday we are heading to the park for a picnic lunch with friends and family. I am providing a goodie bag for each child with a couple of cup cakes, a ginger bread man and lollies etc. It's been a busy day of baking....

Of course I had to have a photo of my newest 'helper'
Isn't he cute!!

Milo dog

Ready for our first walk to the park

Ready to chase the ball

A little weary after chasing the ball about 300 times!

Does that not make your heart melt!

Yep, that's what we are talking about!

'Mr Milo', if you are reading this (and I have a wee suspicion that you might), please know that we have had a lovely day with Milo dog. After you left, he amused us greatly by pushing the noisy ball thing up and down the hall and then enjoyed sitting at my feet in the kitchen while I got the birthday food ready. He loved the park and  I think he will sleep well tonight as he spent the best part of an hour retrieving the ball!
He has chased the rabbit off the lawn and has made himself very much at home. Right now he is curled up at my feet, watching Japan beat France. He seems happy about that.
We are thrilled he is part of our family.
Thank you for allowing him to come to us.
We hope you are ok :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


"Mawy had a liddle lam..."

Monday, September 5, 2011

This made me smile....

So much to say today... but this is cute and must be shared.
I just found Miss 7's Sunday list.... this is what needs to happen before church on Sunday.....
and in case you are wondering, "crash bag" is in fact the 'creche bag'.
And of course we must not forget to 'smile' (after we get drest).... I wonder if that is as hard at your house as it is sometimes at mine some Sunday mornings?

And, if I could share with you what I am listening to now, I would. My honey is at the piano for the first time in months and I am enjoying it very much.
*contented sigh*

Today I love.....

Spring sunshine which means lunch and a PE lesson at the park!

There was a lot of hill running...

Ball dribbling.....

Daisy picking for mama (who was relaxing on the blanket)....

And love. I love sibling love.

All my precious ones with room in the front for one more... 
So much to be thankful for.

A fun sleep over

This is my dad and two of my brothers. They stayed last night - and left early this morning (after a cooked breakfast!) for a logging expo. Fun times!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Father's Day dinner

The girls made pizza for our Father's Day dinner.

This guy was the official taster of all ingredients.....
very helpful, as you can probably imagine.

Happy Father's day my handsome honey! 
You are a wonderful Father and I am so proud of you!
And.... as I type, my own dad and 2 brothers are on their way to my house for the night!!

New member of the family

Haha - that fooled you hey!
Well, it's not what you think. The bump is still intact and larger than life..... but we do have some news :)

As you may know our lovely Mac died a few months back. We never realised the impact this would have on our family. Since he died, almost three months ago, Lucy has been waking each night (read: 3am!)  frightened. It's been horrible. We tuck her back up and she is often weeping, and having tried many things to comfort her we reached the 'end of our rope' with Lucy and her mama and daddy quite exhausted and discouraged.
Add to that my own loneliness (sniff sniff - I know - poor me!!!) Although I have not lived near my family for a number of years I must confess to finding it very difficult. I can't just call in on my folks or brothers and family, or have my folks come over and help out when things are tough. The reality is that is quite a trial for me. Even with a house full of noise and kids I find the days are sometimes (and more lately, often) lonely (it sounds pathetic, but I am 34 and a half weeks pregnant and still feeling sick!!! So give me a wee break!) Now while I must say that 'a new family member' will not make up for the Thursday's I know my mum and sister in law's go out for lunch together, or the twice weekly meals that my brothers and their families have at mum and dad's, not to mention friends who live a long way from here..... it will be nice to have a little companion at my feet to amuse me.
So... let me continue my story....... while we had planned on waiting till next year to 'start looking' it seemed that the need was now. So at the end of this past week we had a look on Trade Me. For a free dog. Yep free. Spaniel's are normally about $800 and that was quite a lot outside of our 'free' budget. giggle.  Anyway spaniels are rarely free. If they are, there is usually something wrong with them. Like - they hate kids. Or they have a heart condition. Or three legs (actually that's a lie).

Anyway, there I was looking for a free spaniel, within driving distance of our house, with great health, potty trained, well behaved, loves little hands constantly looking to scratch the ears, not a digger or a barker and would sleep with an almost 6 year old to help with the nightmares, as well as be a companion to this mama to be..... Not too much to ask I thought.

And there he was. Honestly! So I did what any self respecting 30 something year old would do. I welled up with tears and emailed my honey at work. I may or may not have entitled the email "URGENT" (hehe)
My honey (being the world's most sweetest man who has been concerned about his wife's lack of cheer of heart) emailed back and said - "Let's talk...."

A few phone calls, emails and a few 'hold hands and pray and talk' sessions later, we were driving to visit A Dog. He is lovely. He loved the kids. He sat when told, gave high five, chased imaginary balls in the park and even allowed the kids to walk him on a lead. And he is healthy as a bean! And adorable - big eyes and soft ears - all a bit lovely.

I'm so thankful. I think he has come at just the right time for us. And I think it will mean that we will get to sleep through the night again. That will be helpful on all fronts.
I just can't say how thankful I am. It was just another reminder to me that the Lord cares even about the small details of life. He provided us a dog but more than that - he cared about the small things which will make such a difference to the lives of the 5 in this family.

A Dog (now This Dog) moves in next Sunday. Lucy's birthday. Can't wait.
Thank you Lord.

PS - his name is Milo. Photo's next week.......

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Contented sigh

I love how 'quiet reading time' becomes an excuse for best friends to snuggle together.

PS - library visit this morning and The Bookworm was disappointed that she was only able to borrow 11 books.... ("Um sweetie, I think they will get you through to next weeks visit!")

PPS - exhausted today after being woken numerous times through the night by cows in the paddocks behind our house bellowing in labour! At bedtime there were 4 calves... this morning at 7am there were over 10!
It has unsettled me slightly!!! ;)