Monday, June 25, 2012

The babe....

Thought you might enjoy some photo's of the babe in the sink!

You can see the eczema under her arm and in her 'elbow pits'
- the poor wee dot! 


Regardless, she is a happy and sweet little soul with a gentle approach to life

And her eyes are always looking out for daddy when he walks in the room....

Who can resist tiny toes?!

A wee catch up

It's been cold! But so pretty....

There has been some shopping....
for new boots....

And there has been a visit with friends who own a horse...
Yep I took out the 'mother of the year award' for organising that visit!

And.... then this boy.
Sweetness and entertaining.....

This one wants to be a cowgirl and daily wears plaid shirts and jeans....

This one - well she is writing a book of horse stories.
It's wonderful and funny
(I may well be biased!)

And this one 
- pure delight!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I need some cute yellow sandals...

Wow - I don't remember struggling with winter as much as this since our first year back from the UK. But struggle I am. It may have something to do with the seemingly endless hospitality that our family have shown to bugs of late - bleh! Or maybe it is the numerous times I am up with the wee dot in the FREEZING COLD! Don't mind the up... struggling with the freezing cold (-4 last night people!!)
Anyway, before you think I am complaining, let me assure you I'm not. But I am looking ahead to spring. Thanks to Pinterest, I've enjoyed some pre-spring escapism. :)

yellow yellow yellow! shoes-glorious-shoes
Wouldn't these yellow shoes be fun!

Yellow cardi
And this sweet little cardi

Yellow skinny belt.
I think I'd wear this belt with some cute jeans.

Laura's log burner
But till then, I'm not moving far from this.....

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


This is the girl who I worried I wouldn't be able to teach to read.
She reads to her siblings almost daily.
With animated voices.
And an american accent.
I have no idea about the accent.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Today I am loving.....

Today I am loving...

Sweet friends enjoying getting a last play in before someone goes on 

This boy who does all of these puzzles and more,
many times, everyday!

This sweet face (can you spot the little tooth?)

Slippers.... it's cold here!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I did think it was weird

When the Handsome Honey and I were engaged we were chatting about kids. 
I remember quite vividly - I was wearing a favourite blue cardigan (nothing much changes!)
I said to him "So, when we have kids I hope you don't think I will be homeschooling. I won't be. Its weird"
My Honey says sometimes I have a tendency to being 'strongly definitive'!
So.... fast forward a couple of years.
I am in bed with a 3 day old baby in my arms, crying my eyes out.
The Handsome Honey walks in
"What's wrong?" he asked
"I can't send her to school! I can't have anyone else having more time with her than me! We have to homeschool!!!"
That's it. That's my reason for homeschooling.

Fast forward 8 years.
I've spent the morning with my kids doing inductive Bible study, astronomy, ratios and fractions, 
cursive writing, puzzles and laundry folding (not officially a school subject but we might call it 'technology')

I've chastened, tickled, hugged and disciplined. 
We've talked food, books, Lightening McQueen and popcorn. Salvation, forgiveness, Light and Dark.
Jam sandwiches, pasta and veges simmering. 
Milo with sugar, with hot water and without.
Missed friends and hard math problems.
S's that look like snakes and 4's that seem to prefer being written backwards.

Baking and cookie dough, mixing and messing.

Time for one in a bedroom, snuck away to write her journal,
others in the playhouse willing the rain to stop while looking longingly at the trampoline

And others content for crumbs.
Is it weird? I guess maybe to the naive and empty arms of the '13 years ago me' it was.
But now? 
Just contented sigh-ingly lovely.

Sometimes you just gotta follow a balloon

This came over our house on Saturday morning and landed in the school fields. 
So, we got in the car and went for a look.

Fun to see... but you know, it was more beautiful when we weren't so close.
Funny that - almost like the 'grass is greener till you climb the fence' thing....