Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Business studies 101




So - the girls are saving up for a new addition to their Strawberry Shortcake collection. Their cousin got this for Christmas last year and every time we are in a certain store they look admiringly over to where these things are stacked. One problem. Big problem. They are $80. EACH! Now for you folk who are in the US.... you will be aware (as am I!!!) that you can just surf on over to Amazon, pay $24.95 for one and probably get free shipping right to your front door. $80 ladies!!! This is the price we pay for living in the closest place on earth to paradise!! That's 32 bags of feijoa fruit. Each. So.... feijoas anyone?

(Can I just say that these girls who long for this plastic extravagance are the same sweet girls who last week sent their $50 savings to the bible society. Guess I'll just go buy a couple of bags of feijoas.)


  1. you need to find a way to get them down sister said they are $5 for a bag of about 6 in the supermarkets there!!

  2. Soooo cute! Would love some feijoas - if you still have some next week bring me a couple of bags! Seriously!

  3. Yep - need to get me a flight to the better Island... hehe.
    Ok - will bring some to the Bay if stocks are still plentiful! May even set up a stall... hehe....