Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pass the Salt

These past few days the girls and I have had our Bible time in Genesis 18-19. The story of Lot and the destruction of Sodom. Both girls listened with wide open eyes yesterday as we read of Abram's conversation with the Lord about sparing the lives of the righteous who lived in the city. We talked about both the judgement of the Lord in having to deal justly and rightly with the wickedness in these cities - and also the kindness of the Lord as He promised to spare the lives of the righteous.

It's a big concept to get your mind around isn't it? The idea that the Lord could, should and does deal severely with sin. But on the other hand He is patient, gracious, long suffering and quick to forgive a repentant heart.

So -  back to today..... there were obvioiusly some parts that we skipped... but again the eyes were wide as I read of the narrow escape of Lot and his wife. But then the dreadful part - the part where Mrs Lot looks back. "Why did she look back mama?" It's a great question. Some commentators would say that her heart and desires were back in her beloved city. That she left reluctantly. It's hard to know for sure I guess but it's a lesson to my own heart - do I look back at sin with longing in my heart? Is there sin that I am relucant to walk away from? Is there a sin that I keep going back to? These are some questions that I need to be in prayer over. Maybe you do too, because we can be sure that the Lord does not leave sin undealt with in the life of a believer.

My big girl had just two more questions; "Mama would Lot have been sad that his wife was turned into salt?" - "Yes sweetheart I think his heart would have been very sad." - "Oh. Mama... do you think that he used his wife to salt his dinner?" -  "giggle giggle.... uh - no, I don't suppose he did".

Only from the lips of babes!

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