Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birthday fun

My birthday started a day early as these lovely ones surprised me with an outing for dessert.
So fun!

This banoffie pie was amazing!

Breakfast tea in my new cup

Smiley girl 

Making pancakes for breakfast

Sundaes after dinner

They were a hit - as you can imagine 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Some fun

These 4 are always up for some fun.

Even if the fun means sitting in mama's new barrow....

Always ready to smile for the camera

Or to show 'the big boy muscles'!

A quick shot before she tried to eat the side of the barrow...

A thrilled smile at her sisters pulling faces at her

At the creche in church.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy birthday to me

Well actually my birthday is next week - but my pressie came today.
I found this wheel barrow on Trade Me and told the handsome honey that this was what I wanted
(along with a new pair of gumboots)
He complied and the lady kindly dropped it off today.!

And a wee photo of our young marrieds dinner 
(without the young marrieds!)
It was great fun!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

River City Bible Church turns 2

Sadly I wasn't able to go on the 2nd anniversary of our church (sick boy!)
- so the Handsome Honey took a few shots of the shared lunch afterwards.
Lots of lovely people (and surprisingly not many of the 40 kids who attend managed to get in the photos!)

Church planting was never something that we had thought we would do -
nor, in honesty, something we had desired. 

But when the Lord has a work for you to do, you go ahead and do it. 
My honey is the most faithful man I know. Faithful to the Lord and His church, to the Word and to His people. He is an example to me daily of his selfless and tireless work which he somehow manages to fit in with working another job, being a great dad and a wonderful handsome honey. Not to mention fulfilling all The Projects that I come up with.

I am so thankful to be married to someone so amazing.

Very thankful indeed.


This past weekend we went for a quick picnic to Raglan.

Julie was with us - and showed the girls how to pull off the 'hippy' look

Some kite flying 
(this is the girl who wants to kite surf!)

The pale and teething babe!!

More kite flying

The Dog

Look at his ears - love em!

Kate enjoying the view

The Handsome Honey.....

Love seeing my honey and my boy snuggled.
And the baby eating daisies!


A quilt for Tegan

Finally, after starting this quilt when Kate was 2 weeks old (I know - what was I thinking??), 
I have managed to finish it!
Initially I didn't like it - the colours were too bright - but the more time I spent thinking about my sweet niece snuggling under this quilt, the more I liked it.

Now for the next project.... making something for my honey out of this pile of his old shirts.
I wonder if I can get it done in time for Christmas 
(because as we all know, every guy wants a quilt for Christmas -- right?)

Meantime, someone is cutting more teeth...
cute huh!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dinner time sniggerings...

Just thought I'd share some of the recent crazy talk at dinner time...

Daddy "Who was one of the brothers of Jesus?"  
Lucy "Arthur"

Mama "So the Olympics are starting this week"
Georgia "Oh, is daddy competing?"
Mama "No, not this year"

Jack "Mama, can you pray for me and ask Jesus to help me be a boy who obeys?"
Mama "I'd love to pray for you my boy"
Jack "It just might be tricky to obey all the time though - sigh!"

Daddy "Who were the earthly parents of Jesus?"
 Someone "Aaron and Miriam"
Mama "Groan"
Others "Ba hahahahaha!"


Today I am...
Listening to the troops playing as they take a break from school work
Sitting by the fire with a latte
Thinking about a trip....
Reading Age of opportunity, The Envy of Eve, What did you expect?, 1st Peter, and Country Living (UK) magazine.
Writing a resource for discipling young women
Growing sweet williams, snap dragons, tulips, winter lettuce
Crafting a quilt for my neice, and about to cut up a whole pile of The Handsome Honey's old shirts for another quilt
Cooking cypriot shepherds pie for dinner (a la Annabel Langbein)
Ironing the biggest ever pile of shirts for the Handsome Honey this week
Looking forward to dinner with friends on Friday night

Found this tool box a couple of months ago at an op shop...
perfect for at our front door,
which was perfect for those little block signs I have been wanting to make for a while