Thursday, May 20, 2010

Published author in the family....

Georgia won a Highly Recommended (3rd place) for a short story she wrote recently. Yeah!!

Here is the story... it's a funny one! That's my girl!!

5 – 7 year

Highly Recommended
Down the back of the farm by Georgia aged 6

The old farmer picked up his new blue bucket. He walked to the piglets. He stood at the pen and the farmer called ‚Here 10 little piglets come and get your lunch.‛ He put the peanuts in the pen and the piglets said ‚Thank-you for my lunch.‛ The farmer was so surprised to hear his piglets talk to him.

‚You’re welcome‛ he said. He went to the horse to feed him the hay ‚My lunch is going to be great‛ said the white horse. The silver and the white spot horse said ‚I agree.‛ ‚What the heck is going on at my farm?‛ the farmer said. The pukeko said ‚don’t worry it is actually ‘thank-you for my lunch’ day‛.

‚Oh,‛ said the farmer. ‚That explains it. I think I better go home and have my lunch too.‛

The End.


  1. Very cute story - well done Georgia!

  2. I love it! I can't wait to share it with the boys! Thank you Georgia!