Friday, July 29, 2011

knit one, knit another one....

One of the latest projects.
But you can see the problem right?
Yep - somehow I made two different socks.
So now... to knit another two. The same as the first two. 
And... in case you were wondering.... 
these are for my neice due 2 weeks before our wee dot.

These wee socks are for our wee one.
They look different too - but it's the photo!

The Belly Update...

My honey keeps asking me if I have swallowed a basket ball. 
Everyone's a comedian when someone else is piling on the pounds!!

Mine's bigger!

Animal park visit


Friday, July 15, 2011

Numero Uno!

Don't look too close... I couldn't find the paint and coloured it in with a sharpie!!

1 down, 3 to go.....
(1 in the garage primed and ready!)

*contented sigh*

Friday, July 8, 2011


Do you have an ugly piece of furniture somewhere in your house? 
We do. At least 4 actually! 
We bought these wooden bar stools from The Warehouse when we came back from the UK. 
I have always had a strong dislike for them. But they are functional. And ugly.
So.... for a while I have had a project in mind....

(note the plastic sheet under the stools to protect the carpet! There is a BIG project in mind for one day looooooong into the future which involves laminate flooring. So. Easy. To. Clean. sigh!)

Anyway, a sneak peek into the next project.
As I was starting to sand these babies, my girls came out to the garage. Here's how the conversation went:
Them: "Are you painting again?"
Me: "Uh - I guess so."
Them: "White paint?" (as they look at each other with THAT look on their faces)
Me: "Antique white actually" (I mumble as they walk off giggling)

So ... I guess I am predictable. But these are going to look great! More soon.....

Mid winter...

This weekend The Handsome Honey and I have a Mid-winter Christmas dinner to go to.
Of course 'somebody' suggested that we should keep with the festive theme and wear Christmas hats.
(WHO suggested that?!)

Of course, my lack of creativity was an excuse for the girls to get creative....

The Handsome Honey is only slightly alarmed that he will have to wear the magnificent creation on the left for the evening. hehe.... 

A bit sniffy.....

Well it's been quite a sad time at The Cottage with The Dog not getting better despite numerous trips and stay's at the vet.... and very sadly we had to farewell dear our Mac. But that's all about that... before I start weeping (again!) which starts the kids off too....

Anyway, in the name of denial and distraction, there was a need for some op-shop treasure hunting. 
Oh boy did we get it! 
This very ugly (but very solid and perfectly sized) bookshelf ($25 at Habitat)...

became the perfect end of bed bookshelf for Miss Bookworm who's books are taking over her room.
Now I just need the energy to sort the books and get them on it....

This nasty white table ($5 from Habitat) below (yes - very nasty, you can't see the marks and stains which made me drench it in anti-bacterial spray and wash it before re-painting it).....

became an even more suitable desk for in my room. 
(oops - who put those ugly power cords on the floor?!) 

So - a successful day. It was fun. And a little bit distracting. Just a little bit though.