Thursday, May 31, 2012

After dinner battle of words

After dinner game of UpWords....
Apparently the aim of the game is to NAIL daddy!

Comparing notes and planning strategy

Poor daddy... two girls strategising against him!

Early in the game...... "um LIM honey?
I don't think that's a word...."
And so on it went.....

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The desk!

The octopus is gone.....

The Handsome Honey has said he will put some cute handles on it
(how cute is he!?)

What a pleasure to sit here and write

The best $2.50 I have ever spent!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

What to do with $2.50

For some time I have been looking for a new desk.
 My little table next to my bed was too small and I'm getting a sore back from sitting on my bed with my laptop.
So.... yesterday on Trade Me this little treasure came up.
Isn't she a beauty?!
And best of all.... she was only $2.50.
Yes! I know!!!

Underneath her - well, shall we say 'sea-creature' exterior -  is a solid wood desk.
So much potential. In fact she has already had a first coat of paint....

Then yesterday on our way to the park we passed a 'Garage Sale'.
How thrilling!
Awaiting my arrival was this magnificent chair!
When I asked the lady "how much?" I tried to look not especially interested. 
When she said "$5", it was all I could do to stop myself from squealing!
She said "You know, you might be able to paint it or something to make it a bit nicer"
Oooohhhhh she had no idea...... ;)
Watch this space.....

Meanwhile, last night I was somehow hood-winked into a sleep-over in our room.
I kinda like being hood-winked by these tricksters!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Busy days, happy hearts

It's been a bit busy at the cottage of late. 
We've had lots of sickness with the kids and today Miss 6 is tucked up in bed with a bucket nearby
(yep, we all know what that means.... ugh!)

We've also had lots of visitors which is always nice,
not to mention the schoolwork hours.

I've been busy with another project as my publisher wants to release a boys companion book with my girls book coming out in November. Can anyone say 'burning the midnight oil'? :)

And of course there has been some fun family time too.
Some of that revolves around a pink chair we got off Trade Me for our 'library'
(every school should have a library, right?)

All in all we are doing well. 
But would appreciate prayer as we continue on trying to get the balance of life, family and ministry.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Crumbs for thought

There is something to be said for sleep. It can be a balm to a worried and fretful soul. A friend to the wearied body, a gift to the child awaiting morning celebrations. Last night I had sleep and lots of it. The Wee Soul slept through till 6am - and was woken by The Handsome Honeys alarm (unusual for her to wake to that). I felt chipper this morning than I have done in months. But I'm not someone who makes much of sleep. I see the feeding times as a gift - a chance to snuggle one who is growing too fast for my liking. Today she is 7 months old. In one sense my heart rejoices - she is so precious and has personality to boot. But 7 months! Already?! It's happening all over again. One blink and she'll be 8 and delightful - like someone else I know - but 8. Or 9. Or 16. Or..... sigh. I must make the most of these days. Busy days, filled with noise and laughter, singing and dancing, discipline and training, praying and weeping, listening and talking. Mess, laundry, cookies and crumbs, lego, polly pockets, lip gloss and hair clips. Glasses, plasters, stomach bugs and x-rays. Dreams whispered softly, secrets behind pillows, notes on the lolly jars. Noses turned up at cauliflower, lips licked over butter chicken and home made bread. Love and pets, tears and loss. New shoes, old bikes, skateboards and kites. Long trips with snacks and drink, coffee secretly sipped in the front seats. Then tucking in quilts, smoothing back hair, and kissing sleepy heads. Praying for soft hearts. Slipping between the sheets and waiting for the Wee Soul to call for mama. These days are my days. Precious and blessed days.
Slow down little ones. Don't grow so fast.
Mama xx 

2007 - just beginning this journey.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ta Dah!

The Fence!
(click on the pictures to make it bigger)

Now just the mail box area to finish....
(Rach - see the caps?!)

Our sick ones camping in the lounge...