Friday, November 30, 2012


It seems that I have run out of storage space on this dear blog of mine. And to get more space means buying it.... or moving to another blog site. So... that's what I have done.

Come on over to

See you there.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hello my lovely!

Remember this?

Well who knew that underneath that ugly cabinet exterior was hiding a lovely cabinet, just perfect for hiding away books and mess?
Oh, I did!
(now we just need to sort out that cable, so tempting for little hands to pull!)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Very Silly, Very Beautiful or Very Blue

That was the theme of dinner tonight. 
Guests were asked to come dressed accordingly and so the minutes before dinner were a flurry of activity.
We have, from the left, Very Blue; Very Blue and a bit silly, and Very Beautiful.
Also known as (throughout the meal) Joe Moustache, Beatrix and Priscilla.

Here we have.... well.... quite gorgeous!!
The Handsome Honey did well!
(or I should say 'Professor Horatio)

Our 'Downton Abbey' pose :)
(Prof Horatio with Madame Gertrude!)

Then there is the real us.
Yep, we're geeks!

The 'geek-ettes'

Oooh isn't he lovely!
I just adore that man!

The true definition of Very Beautiful.
A baby.
(she was called 'Sweet Valentine' for the evening)

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Truth

Halloween is actually short for 'All-hallow-even' which is the eve of All Saints day.
All Saints Day is a day in which Christian heroes are remembered, the greatest hero being
Jesus Christ. Jesus, the very Son of God, came into this world as a man 2000 years ago to pay the penalty for sin. My sin, your sin, everyone's sin. The Bible says that 'All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God' (Romans 3:23) and in sinning we are rejecting the all knowing, all loving, all powerful Creator. The consequences of such rejection is a life without God even into eternity. This is called Hell. 
It really will be hell.


And yet, there is hope. 
Jesus is our hope and the way to true life.
When Jesus died on the cross He took the punishment that we deserve and paid in full with His own life. He rose from the dead and now offers forgiveness for sin and the way to eternal life. All we need to is to believe in Him, the Son of God who paid for our sin, ask His forgiveness and accept it. That is hope! Blessed and assured hope!

Kind of weird then, that Halloween has become a day to dress up in the most ghoulish of costumes and go door knocking for treats. 
Have we been tricked?
Or do we have truth?

Happy All-Hallow-Even!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Another ugly piece of furniture

Don't be deceived - this is one very ugly cabinet

But for $10 it's got real potential - tee hee!

After it's first sanding and primer....
Any guesses where it's going??
More soon!

The happenings

Spring time swinging

Treats from G'pa!

Out for lunch at the mall

Sweet girls who surprised us with snacks for the beginning of 
Downton Abby season 3!!!!

A long weekend in Waihi Beach and a ride on an old fashioned train

The cafe which was cute to look at....
and too expensive to eat in!

Aboard the train

Cute little cottages

Baking with G'pa

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One year old already

One year ago today

Beautiful x

The year has gone so fast and we are so blessed.
But I have said it a million times.... how do I slow these days down??
Thank you Lord for such sweet blessings!

FYI: I actually still look that rugged today as I was up 8 (!!) times last night with sick kids.....