Sunday, August 1, 2010

A weekend away

This past weekend we were in Auckland where The Handsome Pastor (THP) was preaching at the Manurewa Bible Church family camp. The setting of the camp is just stunning - right opposite the beach. It was fun to watch the kites from the kite surfers from our upstairs accommodation.

It was a great weekend - catching up with friends old and new, enjoying great worship, great food, and of course a wonderful opportunity for THP to teach from God's Word. On the flip side the youngest member of the family struggled to sleep well and so the mama came home a little weary.

Some photos for you to enjoy (for some reason I forgot to take photos during the day and instead remembered to take them when the kids were in bed)....

The Dog.... ready to go to boarding school for the weekend.... and not best pleased about it!

All loaded up in the car. Yes that is a whole lot of blankets in the back - winter camp in NZ means freezing cold nights! You can never have too many blankets!

In bed with big sister. Master J has just started doing a crazy smile whenever the camera is pulled out - it's hard to catch a normal smile now!

Miss Lucy in bed reading to Pooh.

The normal smile! Don't ya just want to kiss those cheeks?!

Pray for us this week - it's The Big Week for River City Bible Church! Yeah!

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