Sunday, August 8, 2010

A joyful Sunday

Thank you all our dear friends who have been thinking about us and praying for us today, the FIRST service of River City Bible Church.

Firstly.... I took the camera - but not the memory stick!! *sob sob weep!!!*  - so no photos today. I need to see if anyone else played papparatzi... (sp?)

Anyway, we had a wonderful morning. We had at about 70 folk (40 adults, 30 children)  join us - including two hitch-hikers! It was a lovely service. We enjoyed some words of encouragement from Pastor Russell Hohneck (Riverbend Bible Church) and of course The Handsome Pastor (sorry honey - I know you will be blushing!) preached a wonderful introductory message to 1 Thess, focussing on 'The Powerful Gospel'. It was an encouragement to my heart and reminded me afresh of the wonderful Saviour we serve.

We also enjoyed a lunch together afterwards - and have now farewelled 5 dear friends who stayed with us from the Hawkes Bay. And just to keep me humble, I have also been trying to get red ink out of my light coloured carpet..... a sweet little girl was trying to ink up some thank you notes for our guests.... and walked it through the house.... eeek! As I was reminded this morning, one expression of our love for the Lord involves serving one another - and I will serve this little servant hearted girl by making sure she doesn't feel bad about the carpet...... so off to dab some more...

Again, thanks for your love to us. We are exhausted but encouraged.

Praise Him from whom all blessings flow!


  1. Oh, Thank you for the update! Praise the Lord for such a wonderful beginning to RCBC! We were there with you in spirit and I do hope someone has a few photos to share. After my confession to you the other day, I can't get after you for not having your camera ready to go! ;) Anyway, much love to you all. Can't wait to chat again. Tell Bryan Hurrah! from us Spuurs and how excited we are. Eric is looking forward to a chat with him soon. Now, go get some rest!!

  2. What a wonderful beginning. Glad it went well. Must catch up soon. Cx

  3. So very pleased to hear everything went well!!! What an blessing to have had Russell and co there!! I wish we had known they were in town we would have loved to have seen them. Have a lovely week!!

  4. Sounds like a great start! Sorry about the carpet< Lezlee