Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kitchen Garden ... stage 1

I think I have mentioned that tomorrow is my birthday..(tee hee) - well for my birthday what I had asked for was a vege garden. But not just any vege garden. I want a kitchen garden complete with white picket fence,  roses growing up against the fence and some cottage flowers just for fun too! Don't get me wrong - it's not all about looks. Not all. But some. :)

Isn't that a beautiful photo. I saw this on the net (I am not sure where sorry!) but I love that look. It would be such a delight to pull weeds and harvest produce in that garden! This is what I am aiming for.... on a smaller scale. :)

Below is the first 'before' photo. This is a corner of our wee backyard. It won't be a big garden - but it will be my very own kitchen garden.

So.... today was stage one. Removal of very large pittesporum (sp?) and smaller one too, removal of compost bin, weed mat and some plants. Right now it is all looking horribly messy. Ugh. Come summer however, we will have beautiful fresh vege from the garden to the plate. Watch this space!

My Handsome Honey with his willing team of uh ... 'helpers'!

Stage one successfully completed. Well done team! Watch this space for stage two...... x

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