Saturday, August 28, 2010

Destitute Gourmet

Tomorrow is my birthday.... so today my sweet and handsome honey told me about one of my gifts. 
3 of my lovelies and I are booked to attend an evening in September with Sophie Gray!! *another squeal*
When we lived in the UK I really wanted to attend one of those cool cookery class weekends. But they were about 500 pounds.... a little teensy weensy bit (BIG BIT) out of our budget! So I can't even begin to tell you how exciting this is for me. I love to cook. Love to serve my family.... and love to learn from others.
Thank you honey!!!! * kiss kiss *

Sophie is the author of a number of great cookbooks - which I use all the time. She is all about providing delicious meals for the family on a small budget. I love that!

Of course Sophie may well have heard of me now that I am a baker - I may even take a few of my fav recipes for her ;)  ..... (Sophie if you are reading this you know I am kidding right....)

If you don't have any of Sophie's books you are missing out! Get to the library today and grab one.

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  1. *Happy Birthday* for tomorrow. I am going to a Sophie Gray evening in Sept too, wonder if it is the same one? We must catch up soon. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. Cx