Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dear mum and dad

So.... I think you must be stuck, somewhere very remote - possibly even snowed in somewhere. With a cell phone that has a dead battery. For all the day. And evening. Because..... I think you've forgotten to call me for my birthday!!!!!! Lucky for you.... I am aware that you adore me. (hehe) - and lucky for you that I am still so excited about The Red Mixer..... oh you are so so lucky!
I have had a great day. I've been so spoilt and have had numerous occasion to wonder just how I got such a great husband and kids. Didn't I just leave school? Wasn't it only yesterday that I cried my eyes out as you dropped me at uni?? If that's true... then how come my girls told me "Happy 35 birthday mama!" this morning?? 35?! *gasp*
Anyway, I just wanted to say I still love The Red Mixer. And you. Very much. You are such great parents (even if you do forget to call your only daughter on her birthday...) 35 years ago today mum, you had a little girl placed in your arms. She wants you to know (and you too dad) that she loves you both. Talk to you tomorrow. I will call. :)

That's my mum! Isn't she pretty!! xx


  1. Oh no! My parents forgot my birthday a few years ago. It was three days before they remembered and called me. I thought it was funny. At least my years have taught me's not important. It's just important that I know they love me. Your mom is beautiful. I love how the baby is eating her hair. Lisa~

  2. Hey Laura, Happy Birthday for the other day!!! Gareth and I have both been thinking about you guys and hoping things are going really well!

    Love lots,
    Gareth and Samantha

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  4. Thanks Lisa - they were away for the day and unable to call .... phew! :) The baby now talks to her on the phone - it's so cute!

    Sam - lovely to hear from you. Hope all is well with you and bump!

    Pauline - you are so cool! Thanks... but there are some seriously great blogs out there. :)