Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My guy

You will have to bear with me today. I am possibly mushy - more likely thoughtful and thankful. But definately in love.

So there's this guy. He's handsome, funny, thoughful and kind. The kind of guy that will sit through a chick flick and provide the chocolate and tea to enjoy with it. But even more than that. He is brave. He is humble and gracious. He is forgiving and long suffering. He is wise and he loves the Lord more than he loves anything else - his reputation, his pride, his own comfort and ease. And I am absolutley smitten by him. He is also my mentor. I am not as gracious as I need to be. I am not as quick to forgive. But I am reaching for those things because of his example. I am so thankful for this guy - and I am so thankful that the Lord gave me such a great husband who leads me closer to Him, through his own selfless behaviour.

And you know there isn't much that get's this guy worked up.

 Except maybe...


Yep, his side of the bed and his pillow. It makes him just a little bit cross. And it makes me a bit giggly. Oh I love my guy!


  1. Oh I LOVE your blog! Thanks for visiting mine so I could discover yours!

  2. Thanks! It'll be fun to visit :)

  3. You two are the best. The best of friends and wonderful encouragers in the Lord! We love you!!

  4. what makes animals think they can "own" our spots? Our cat does the same thing to my husbands side of the bed.