Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's for dinner?

Have I mentioned how much I love winter? I can't help myself. The log fire, the cosy slippers, quilts on the bed and food. I love food. And even more than I love food, I REALLY love to serve my family with yummy and nutritious meals. I really should have been born in the 1950's because I love nothing better than to be in my apron, with dinner cooking, the house tidy and kids happy when my honey walks in the door. I know - some of you are groaning! My own mother can't believe it... hehe. 
But, it works for us :)

Anyway, I am structured. That's just how it is. So lists delight me and strategies make my day! Of course it should make sense that I have my meals pre-planned. (and written up on a cute menu board!)
If you are of my personality persuasion, you will agree with the benefits of meal organisation. However, I know there are some of you out there who love nothing better than to live life spontaneously. To fly by the seat of your pants! But let me just share with you some reasons why being prepared makes this mama happy. Cause if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy - right?

I love to have my meals organised early because....

1. It saves money!
Lets face it, times are tough, the kids are hungry and the money bucket is certainly not overflowing in our house, or probably yours either. I go to the grocery store with a list of what I need for my meals that week and that's pretty much what I get. Sure a few more things might make their way into the trolley... but not too many!

2. It saves time.
I generally have my meals made by lunch time. I know exactly what meat needs thawing, what vege to prepare, sauce to make etc, and while my girls are getting on with some independent work, I get on with mine. It's great.... and means I have the afternoon free! (well - free of meal prep anyway...)

3. It saves stress.
I hate chaos. But that is exactly what my house is like at 4:30pm when I have to try to thaw meat and pull a meal together, bath the kids, get the house tidy and try my best to not be grumpy mama. It doesn't usually work.

4. My meals can be more balanced and nutritious.
Why? Because it's pre-planned. As soon as I have the meals for the week organised I see pretty quick if I have overloaded on carbs, carrots or mince (ground beef)!

5. The girls and I can have some fun together
Being organised means that if I have a bread dough rising, the girls can have some fun making their own buns for dinner. They love that and actually so do I.

So there you have it. Call me obsessed, old fashioned or tied to the kitchen (actually I would seriously be tying myself to the kitchen if I had a red kitchen aid mixer!)... or call me happy. Cause that's what I am. I am a wife and a mama and my greatest joy is to serve my family at home. I see it not as a chore or a brainless task - it's the hardest job I have ever done. And it's a huge privilege.
That's all for now friends.


  1. Love the menu board! I could never keep it up, but I love it. It would be for me, one of those inspired acts that would fizzle out after 2 weeks, but I still love it! It looks like every day would be a good one to come to dinner. Sausage casserole sounds good, so does lasagna and fish and chips! You have inspired me to make homemade bread roles again. I haven't in months! Love you!

  2. You're a woman after my own heart! I plan the meals each week and write them on a magnetic calendar that sticks to the side of the fridge. I agree 100% that it helps keep the home running smoothly. Great post! Lisa~