Friday, June 25, 2010

Sob sob!!

I can't bake! I just can't! But I do it because I love the smells and the idea that maybe someday something might turn out just the way it's meant to. And my family eat it - probably also hoping that maybe some day, something might turn out the way it's meant to. However, I have friends who have 'the gift of baking'. It's hard not to be jealous. But it's a wonderful thing to be invited over for morning tea! (hint hint girls!!)

Anyway, so this is where I am asking for some tips. Let's have some easy no fail recipes from all you bakers out there! And some hints on what makes things work or not. Maybe you even have pictures.... we could have a baking link party!!

Puuuuuleeeze take pity on this poor baking challenged girl (eeek - a pastors wife who can't bake... - this is indeed a major problem ladies!!!)  c'mon.... give me a hand!!

PS - I will kick start things off - these are NON BAKING!!!! I make these for every birthday party.... let me know if you want the recipe.... ;)  (hehe)


  1. the trick with muffins is to not over mix them...only just until the flour is wet. then STOP!! i think the opposite is true for bikkies...mix the heck out of them!! ;)
    i've also found that having ingredients (especially left-over condensed milk and butter) at room temperature before starting makes a nicer consistency.
    i'm very much a plain cook too. the trick is to bake things with their own kick (ie LOADS of choccy or lemon) so you don't notice anything that may be lacking :)
    PS thanks for your encouragement re this weekend. hope it goes well for the Martins too.

  2. Baking is a stress relief for me. I like recipes with minimum effort, maximum effect, a good yield and that are good for more than a day! I'm sure one of those red Kitchen Aid mixers would solve all your baking woes- how could it not??. I want one too.... In the mean time a catch up soon would be great and I can give you a few of my favourites. Cx

  3. Tell me what has failed???. Caramel slice is very easy to make, when you make that, you feel like you've achieved something!. Try a Betty Crocker chocolate cake packet mix (it's surprisingly good). Another thing, if it says to bake it in a certain size tin, don't put it in one half as small & twice as deep etc, as this can ruin a perfectly good recipe. I was terrified of baking once upon a time. Now there is no stopping me. (I wasn't joking about the betty crocker chocolate cake, it's nice!)

  4. Oh and those windmills look far more complicated than making caramel slice, so I'm sure you can do that. ;-)

  5. k so this slice is a easy one!!! and tastes amazing!!!
    Mars Bars Rice Bubble Slice. 90g butter, 3 mars bars, 3 cups of rice bubbles. melt the butter and mars bars together, add the rice bubbles and then put into a slice tin, then melt 30g of butter with a bar of chocolate, spread over the top and refrigerate. Is yum. Very sweet!! Anna Gaskell =)

  6. Thanks guys! Is the caramel slice recipe the Edmonds one I wonder? As to what has failed... I would more likely use the words 'just not how it was meant to turn out!' - fudge that doesn't set, soft cookies that are meant to be chewy, meringue that doesn't meringue.... etc etc etc!!
    Will be trying the mars recipe soon.... thanks Mrs Gaskall :)
    Lets keep the ideas coming!!

  7. I'll make you a deal: if you don't give up on baking neither will I! Ha ha. I can manage cookies & cakes--just not bread! But I will persevere until success is achieved! Let us unite and conquer!

    Warmly, Michelle