Sunday, September 11, 2011

Birthday girl

I usually show the photo of the candles being blown out - but I thought this candid one was funny! Look at the adoring glance Lucy is giving Milo!!
(as an aside, Milo made an appearance at the birthday today and it was amazing how chilled out he was with the 23 children!!!!! It seems like he has been part of our family a lot longer than 24 hours! AND just at the right timing.... Lucy slept through the night last night. No frightened footsteps to our bedroom at 3am! yeeeha!)

A very happy birthday girl!

We have had parcels and emails and messages from a number of you to wish the birthday girl a happy day.
Thank you so much - it really helped to make it a special day for her.
In fact, as she was eating her dinner tonight, Lucy pronounced this
"The BEST birthday EVER!!"

Miss Lucy, what a joy you are to us. We love your contagious laugh, your very caring ways, your snuggly huggles and the way you show your love to us. Grow in grace our girl, and never forget how much we love you.

(I wanted to have a few photo's of past birthdays - except I couldn't because they are on my lap-top, which is at the 'lap top doctors' and unlikely to be repaired!! Wahhhhh!!!)

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