Friday, January 7, 2011

Oh my - what a wild ride!

Hello friends, I'm back!
Some of you will know that 3 weeks ago I had to make an emergency trip down to my folks as my dear dad had been in a serious accident. I do mean serious. As in run over by his bulldozer serious. *groan*
You know those phone calls that you never want to get?? However, by God's sovereign grace my dad survived but has lost his right leg. I can't even describe how horrible it was to see him in the hospital bed, looking like death is so very near and wondering just what will be. It's all been very horrible and to be truthful quite frightening - but the worst is over (thank you Lord!) and now he has a massive adjustment to make to life. My dad is a logger. And a hunter. And a fisherman. The adjustment will be huge.

Anyway, all that to say "here I am". Thankful to still have a dad. Relieved that it was not even worse because it really should have been. And aware that life is fragile. Eternity is only a heartbeat away for each of us. We need to be ready folks. Are you?

So the first hideous week or so we were able to breathe easy again and even enjoy some time as a family. Some photos of our Christmas......

Christmas Eve with cousins

Christmas Day (mark 2) when Dad was 
able to come home for a couple of hours

Three of my brothers and I

The motley crew!

Georgia and Uncle Shane

Christmas lunch without mum and dad :(

Christmas Day in the pool

That's my girl!

Jack and Uncle Shannon

Kawhai fish - and Tua looking longingly

Mum's pretty garden

More of the lovely garden

Tua had been chasing them on the bike... so funny

Learner driver!


  1. I'm so glad you are home! You all have been in our prayers. The Lord is good! Love you!

    BTW - Great pictures! A sunny and bright Christmas? How strange. :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your Dad...How completely horrible for you and your family :( Always great that we can hold on to our faith in God and that he has it all under control. Draw near....x

  3. hi laura, oh my re your dad. i knew something was up from your shout out to pray on fb, and then the weeks of silence but could never had imagined that. have been praying for you all during this time. glad you were with family for christmas and during that time. big hugs! love, claire