Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Winter holiday fun

Nothin' much to say today - just some photos for those of you who love my kids!!

Bryan calls the hat 'The Helmet' - and as you can see it is too small already!

We are not the kind of parents that just buy stuff willy nilly. (Yes, I said Willy Nilly.) But life has been a little 'unexpectedly different' this year and so we felt like we needed something really fun as a family... combine that deisre with a sale at 'the Big Red Store' (vs a non-sale on flights to LAX).... and walah! A trampoline (which now has safety nets around it...)

Look closely and you will see The Dog sitting on The Baby... in the car. A quick drive for a riverside walk/bike.

Training wheels on.....

The best I could get (you know that I mean it's the best photo... right?!) ....

Two cuties!

Training wheels off!! I am not sure what to say about Lucy. Except maybe she has her mothers imagination... and sense of fashion.

Enjoy xx


  1. Lucy, the free spirit... I love all these pics...Lezlee

  2. Oh I totally know the area your photos are taken (not in a creepy stalky way!!) we lived in that suburb for 11 or so years before moving over to Australia 2 years ago. We still have a house there.