Saturday, July 17, 2010

It definately helped

It's officical. I am a baker!
I picked up my new mixer on Monday. I then spent half an hour on the phone with my mum as I rearranged my kitchen, trying to decide where it was going to go. Then I spent the next half an hour putting everything back as I put it on the bench where I first thought it should go.
Ridiculous I know. Tiredness - it's my only excuse for such silly behaviour.

So... anyways. Please feast your eyes on The Red Mixer.
You will note the almost empty cookie jar next to it. Almost empty. That is surely a signal of baking success. yeah!

PS - some fun news to share soon. Watch this space - the excitement is building here at Completely Cottage. Can't wait to share it!


  1. heya!! i was beginning to wonder if the martins had skipped the country!! :)
    i LOVE the red cake mixer. definitely worth leaving out on the bench...(it looks just as good as a kitchenaid i reckon too)
    see you soon?

  2. Looks fantastic. Love the cookie jar too. Cx

  3. glad to hear, you're now a baker!