Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ta Dah!

One winter project finished!

This is the first cardigan I have knitted, the first zipper I have sewn, and I am pretty happy with it. So tempted to wake my little guy to try it on him.. but that would be silly... wouldn't it?
Yes, it would.

Now onwards and upwards... the next project awaits!

PS - Having looked at the photo, one arm looks longer than the other.
It's true.
All of my children have one arm longer than the other.
Just kidding.

But as to the cardi - well... I have just counted the stripes and yep, one is longer - *sigh*
It's like I told you. I am a baker, not a knitter.


  1. hahaha...that totally cracked me up. what were you watching when you were knitting that longer arm??!!
    i do stuff like that all.the.time.
    well done...can't wait to see your next project :) xo

  2. Well done! My most successful knitting project has been a scarf - and even then I had to keep re-doing parts of it!

  3. Well done. I finally finished my cardi that I started over 6 years ago. Cx

  4. Looks awesome :) I've never put a zip in a knitted item before. When my wool arrives from Oz I'm on a mission to knit jumpers for the girls :D