Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tea Time Talk

We love tea parties in our house. They aren't usually anything too posh (although sometimes they are!) but there are some key ingredients which have become quite the necessity.
1. Tea in a pot. Often a mix of gumboot and earl grey. That's my favourite.
2. Cups and saucers and cake plates - none of which match.
3. Cake. And plenty of it.
4. Candle. A cinnamon one - mmmmm
5. Necklaces. Usually plastic. Often 3 or 4 - each.

It's a lot of fun but often times the tea party talk becomes focused on who wants to pour the milk or who gets the last piece of cake (uh - that's mama's, right girls?) So yesterday I decided I wanted the conversation to be a little more intentional. I had some questions to ask - some silly and some serious. The conversation was hilarious and I learnt some things about my girls. Like Georgia wants to go to Africa to tell people about Jesus - but she would be in a cage so that no snakes or cheetah's would get her. And Lucy, she wishes that we still lived in England. I never knew that. She misses Grandma and Grandpa. I knew that. I miss them too.

So I had a wee thought that I need to do something to make sure that every tea party is full of fun and serious conversation. Another necessity for every tea party... Tea Party Talk. Watch this space for what I mean.....

PS - for those of you freaking out that my kids drink tea - they do. It's more milk than tea. But I am ok with that :)

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