Saturday, October 29, 2011

So this is us....

The week past....

This past week my mum stayed with us. 
It's been fantastic and already I am missing her!
So just some random photo's of the week....

A quilt my mum and I started for my niece for Christmas.

Kate on her quilt doing the startled baby pose!

Almost asleep....

The Big Boy's toys over our fence...

'Dirt mountain' 

The Handsome Honey, The Three and The Dog on dirt mountain...

Kate turns three weeks old tomorrow and I can't believe it. 
Wish we could just slow time down somehow.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Baby love

11 days old and cute as a button!

The crochet blanket was made by a lady in the UK for Georgia

The Socks.... 
I made them.... accidentally different.... 
didn't get round to making matching pairs yet....

This is why the new mama can't get a nap.....
Our house is literally shaking with all the huge earthworks that are happening from early morning.....
The scripture "His grace is sufficient" has taken on a whole new meaning!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

One week today...

First bath!


There is a rabbit on my lawn.

His name is Peter. I'm serious! About 2 months ago we were all delighted to see a cute little baby bunny pop under the fence and munch on the lawn. Two months on it's become clear that he has no intention of leaving.
He lives in a burrow under my compost bin and poo's on my lawn. 

The Dog runs wildly all over the lawn sniffing the rabbit scent - and then stops to eat the poo. Ick!!
And with major new subdivision works happening over the back fence (have I mentioned how slightly depressing that is??!) - it seems unlikely that Peter will decide to move on.

That does not bade well for the new vege garden (or the old, as he is still small enough to squeeze through the picket fence)
The Handsome Honey has offered to 'sort him out' (by way of small silver bullet) but the new mother hormones in me can't bear to think of that right now.
So, what to do about Peter?

Friday, October 14, 2011

For Grandpa and Grandma xx

I will protest loudly at having to go out in public in this hat!

That is.... right after I've...... had a little....... nap....zzzzzz

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Kate Laura ..... 7lb 8oz
Born Sunday, a little more complicated than we would have liked, but we are so thankful for excellent care and to finally have our sweet girl in our arms.

Mama and babe doing fine, sister's thrilled, brother somewhat interested, dog wondering when these little hands will throw the ball, and daddy very proud.

More later. 


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Things that make my heart melt...

'Helping Daddy fix Georgia's desk'

"My saw too little Dad!"

"Keep it straight Jack Jack"

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I won!!

So.... a few weeks ago I was telling The Handsome Honey that I was going to set up a fun surprise for the girls one afternoon in the form of a nail salon. Admittedly I am not really a nail polish girl (doesn't seem to mix well with my gardening) but I do have a few wee bottles of colours. Then I open our email and find I have won a giveaway from Kiwi Mummy Blogs! And it's a sparkly nail kit!! I never win anything - this is major excitement for me!!! So it came - and it was HUGE!! AND it came with two other amazing things (which are top secret because they have been stashed in The Cupboard for Christmas). So.... if you are reading Leonie, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Without further ado.... here are the photo's from our Saturday afternoon nail salon....
Excitement which makes for scary wierdo faces......

Then Jack Jack woke just before we finished......

Lucy's motto - "More is best"

Jack Jack
 'hmmm Daddy is not going to be well pleased if I paint these nails so what else can I get away with......?'

She could not stop 'oooohing'  and 'aaaaahing' over every colour, sparkle and jewel.

Meanwhile.... we wait and wonder.....

And in case any one was wondering what the canine family member was doing during all the sparkly excitement?
Sleeping. On my union jack cushion. And snoring. Loudly.

It's a good day! :)