Sunday, October 16, 2011

There is a rabbit on my lawn.

His name is Peter. I'm serious! About 2 months ago we were all delighted to see a cute little baby bunny pop under the fence and munch on the lawn. Two months on it's become clear that he has no intention of leaving.
He lives in a burrow under my compost bin and poo's on my lawn. 

The Dog runs wildly all over the lawn sniffing the rabbit scent - and then stops to eat the poo. Ick!!
And with major new subdivision works happening over the back fence (have I mentioned how slightly depressing that is??!) - it seems unlikely that Peter will decide to move on.

That does not bade well for the new vege garden (or the old, as he is still small enough to squeeze through the picket fence)
The Handsome Honey has offered to 'sort him out' (by way of small silver bullet) but the new mother hormones in me can't bear to think of that right now.
So, what to do about Peter?

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