Saturday, October 29, 2011

The week past....

This past week my mum stayed with us. 
It's been fantastic and already I am missing her!
So just some random photo's of the week....

A quilt my mum and I started for my niece for Christmas.

Kate on her quilt doing the startled baby pose!

Almost asleep....

The Big Boy's toys over our fence...

'Dirt mountain' 

The Handsome Honey, The Three and The Dog on dirt mountain...

Kate turns three weeks old tomorrow and I can't believe it. 
Wish we could just slow time down somehow.

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  1. Hi Laura, Enjoying the updates. We totally understand the "over-the-fence" situation and dirt mountain - we've experienced the same since moving in! Our dirt mountain is finally gone now, and I think due to lack of funds the developer has postponed the subdivision so we now have a field of "something" (we think it is sweetcorn) over the fence. Loving the photos of Kate (and the name - I've always liked that name!). Love, Leonie xo