Thursday, October 20, 2011

Baby love

11 days old and cute as a button!

The crochet blanket was made by a lady in the UK for Georgia

The Socks.... 
I made them.... accidentally different.... 
didn't get round to making matching pairs yet....

This is why the new mama can't get a nap.....
Our house is literally shaking with all the huge earthworks that are happening from early morning.....
The scripture "His grace is sufficient" has taken on a whole new meaning!!!


  1. aww, so precious. can't wait to meet her...neither can Jada. although, you'll have to be on guard because i think Jada might actually try and steal her!!! :)

    ps i'll bet Jack is LOVING the noise next door just as much as you're loathing it!! :)

  2. (and, yay, i can comment on your blog again. thanks google chrome! :) )

  3. Can't wait for you to meet her too :) - I wonder if Jada is still praying for a new sister?! And yes you are right about Jack.... oh sigh!!!!