Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thinking out loud...

It's our school spring break here - yeah! 2 whole weeks of holiday-ness. *sigh* Yes even homeschoolers love the holidays.... it's a chance to take a deep breath, to reflect, plan and organise.

During the term my house is acceptable - it's tidy and clean (mostly!!)... but by the end of term the 'art work' is taking over, toys and books have found themselves in random spaces and the pile of mis-matched socks is disheartening. To top it off our school area is looking horrendous.
Did I say horrendous? I meant HORRENDOUS!!!!!!

Groan.... but look closer... it gets worse. Much worse.

But wait... there's more....

Oh how I wish I could splash a coat of white paint over that bookshelf.
"Honey? Would that be ok? No? Oh - we don't paint over Rimu wood? Oh - well I need to talk to you about the coffee table then....."

 Anyway, I have spent the last half hour looking on line for some ideas and inspiration. Not only did I find the coolest school room but some great ideas for keeping everything in it's place. *sigh*...
Have I mentioned before that I. LOVE. ORDER. ?

Here is one cool and totally unachievable idea for the kids room.

Seen here

You need to go have a look at Augustfields - this lovely family have had the opportunity to build a house that most of us couldn't. It's beautiful - and she has the best school room. A whole room for school.... wow!

On my speedy school room's tour I saw.... old school lockers for individual kids stuff (drool), black and white checked flooring - easy wash and perfect for art time (ooooh yeah!), ladders turned into desks (fun!!), a drinking fountain INSIDE THE HOUSE! (no comment!), and a toddler that was happy to stay in his play pen while the quiet reading was happening (uh - yeah right!).

So, now I am inspired. Once I have organised my schoolroom (which in reality will be nothing like any of the above) I will share a photo or two. But maybe you homeschool and wanna share a photo with me of your work area? I'd love to see!


  1. In Alaska I think half of the state home schools!
    I'm impressed by Mom's who can do it I tried for 2 weeks and did not make it My son did wonderful and loved it. I'm not very organized though. Everyone also said you never start in the older grades he was in 7th at the time. I also love those perfect kid shots you know they have to have dirt somewhere or each kid has their own maid!!

  2. Love the pictures. I want to see pics of your organized space. Good for you! Lisa~

  3. Hey Heidi,
    Definately homeschooling suits some and not others. I can imagine it would be tough to start later. I wonder if the Alaskan weather has something to do with so many homeschoolers? Is it right that you have a pretty tough winter?

    Lisa - I think I was inspired by your school area!! Aren't the lockers yours?!