Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sneak Peek...

This weekend (9/11) marks my sweet Lucy's 5th birthday. Tomorrow she is having a wee lunch for a few little friends. You may have a wee sneak peek at the party treats so far... but sshhh! don't tell my girl - it's a surprise!

Thanks CHD for this idea!!

My mum always used to make these for our birthdays and now I make them for my kids. I love these kind of traditions!

I am not a cake decorator. In fact it is a major stress for me. 
But I showed my feeble attempt to Miss 6 who gave the perfect response
"Ooooh Mama! It's perfect!"

I love being a mama!


  1. Gorgeous cake, I love the idea with the photo! and Im loving those WINDMILLS!!!such cuteness. I have a little miss turning 5 soon and Im sure she will love those.
    I love the flower pot cupcakes and have made them several times before for my girls too- my eldest had them for her 4th birthday and just had them again for her 9th.

  2. Thanks Leonie - the windmills are full of lollies and have a round wine biscuit fixed to the bottom with icing.

  3. How cute, gonna show them to my daughter. I love that it it a tradition you are passing down! Lezlee

  4. These are fabulous ideas! I love the lolly cakes and the windmills and will definitely have to give those a whirl! Best wishes for a wonderful party celebration!

  5. Very effective Laura - love the lollipop flower cupcakes!

  6. Love the cupcakes and windmills! Hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday.