Friday, September 3, 2010

Favourite things

Oh Slatkin and Co... you are loved! Cinnamon stick - welcome to my home. 
Thank you Steph!! Such a wonderful package that was delivered this morning! x

And just one more of my favourite things... 

So tonight is Friday and after dinner was a game. The Chocolate Game to be precise. Except 'someone' thought he would grab the hat and run for it. Styling.... all his own!
I wish that I had taken photos during the game, of the girls in the hat and scarf trying to get chocolate buttons on the plastic spoon - it was adorable... but the sad truth is that my competitive side kicked in and I was tossing that dice wildly willing and possibly even yelling for number 6.... all in the name of fun. Right? hehe
(NB: I was whipped by a 4 year old. She has the same chocolate drive as her mother. Poor child)

Happy weekend to you! :)

PS - don't forget Fathers Day this Sunday. What are you going to be doing to honour the daddy in your life/home?

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