Saturday, April 21, 2012

A fun day at the zoo

I mean literally The Zoo - not that my house is a zoo.... (although sometimes it feels like we might be bordering on it.....)

The Team!
(wow - how hard is it to get 6 people looking relatively normal at the same time for a photo?!)

My lovely dad and the kids

The most Handsome of all Honeys!

My mum has had a severe allergic reaction to something since arriving - her eyes and face have been horribly swollen and we spent all afternoon at the Emergency Dept yesterday!!
 - understandably she didn't want to be in any photos 
(so... I just took a long distance one!)
- but how cool are her shoes!?

Sometimes we all need a sign like this to warn others off.....
or maybe that's just me...... ;)

A mama and her 7 week old baby.... oh so cute!!
That mama really got her figure back quickly.... giggle......

Just thinking.....

Just started solids in the last 2 weeks....
and ready for an oreo bar!! (obviously she didn't get to eat it!)

Hmmmm - very mature of someone to stick out their tongue.....

So thankful for my parents to be visiting.

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