Saturday, December 10, 2011

A busy day....

Tomorrow is our Sunday School prize giving 
 also we have all the youth from church coming to us for lunch....

Gifts for the Sunday School teachers.....

Chocolate brownie (which is actually darker in real life!)
for after lunch tomorrow....
yes there is a little corner missing - I had to test it to make sure it's ok!!
It is :)

Gifts for the Sunday School/under 12's which need wrapping....
(when we first decided we would purchase these books for our end of year prize giving, we had 12 children to buy for..... now we have 26! The Lord builds His Church His way!)
If you are looking for some great kids books, I would so recommend these.

My partner in crime (as the Handsome Honey calls her....)

Hope your day has been a good one too.

1 comment:

  1. Mrs M, By all means, pin away. Thank-for asking too.

    It looks like you have been very busy baking too.