Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Another little project....

Our deck is north facing and in summer it's not pleasant to be out on it.
I had thought a pergola might be a nice idea but that was not to be....
so 'we' decided a shade sail might just do the trick instead!

The view from the lounge
The Handsome Honey is getting very good at these projects that 'we' keep coming up with!


  1. The shade sail looks great ... fab alternative. Well done Mr Handyman!

  2. NICE: Are the post cemented in the ground

  3. what is the fabric used? are the posts cemented in the ground?

  4. The shade sail fabric is an outdoor canvas sort of fabric. And yes, the posts are concreted in. We get some strong winds and the sail would rip out the posts if they weren't concreted.

  5. How long are the post and how much is embedded in concrete? Also are they vertical or on an angle? And how long did you let concrete set for prior to using?