Friday, July 8, 2011


Do you have an ugly piece of furniture somewhere in your house? 
We do. At least 4 actually! 
We bought these wooden bar stools from The Warehouse when we came back from the UK. 
I have always had a strong dislike for them. But they are functional. And ugly.
So.... for a while I have had a project in mind....

(note the plastic sheet under the stools to protect the carpet! There is a BIG project in mind for one day looooooong into the future which involves laminate flooring. So. Easy. To. Clean. sigh!)

Anyway, a sneak peek into the next project.
As I was starting to sand these babies, my girls came out to the garage. Here's how the conversation went:
Them: "Are you painting again?"
Me: "Uh - I guess so."
Them: "White paint?" (as they look at each other with THAT look on their faces)
Me: "Antique white actually" (I mumble as they walk off giggling)

So ... I guess I am predictable. But these are going to look great! More soon.....

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  1. I am convinced that almost any piece of furniture can look great in white. Go you.