Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home science practical....

Math - check!
Phonics - check!
Reading - check!
Writing - check!
Home science - in process!!

So... a certain 2 year old just sat on my bed and signed his name on my cream quilt (AKA - the precious quilt which I bought in the UK and is very precious to me!!!) with a permanent blue marker. 
It. won't. come. out!!!!!


  1. Hi Laura - here's a tip you can try on the bedspread. It's worked for me lots of times but I can't guarantee it for every stain.
    Spray the stain with an aerosol hairspray so that it's wet. Rub as hard as you can with a cake of soap (something like sunlight would work well, but I have also just used whatever soap I have lying around in the bathroom). I just keep spraying and rubbing until the stain starts to move. Rinse, soak, wash in cold water. Hope you find a way to get it out!!

  2. Thanks for that. I did find that suggestion when I googled 'permanent marker stain' - and so I tried it. It has lightened it somewhat but it also caused it to run.... oh well. It's just a quilt.... ;) xx

  3. oooh... there is a product advertised on good morning that says it might work. i know this cos i was sick lst week at it was on and i thought MENTAL NOTE to that if it does what it does. like big stains and yuck stains on white shirts etc. is called womthing like fortitude or something. i'm not much help. i think i was too crook for my mental note to stick!

  4. I would keep trying the hairspray and soap thing several times if you can be bothered. I think it will keep lightening it and the more you wash it the more it and the run will come out? And hang it out in the sunshine - brilliant for whitening stains!!!