Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Very Silly, Very Beautiful or Very Blue

That was the theme of dinner tonight. 
Guests were asked to come dressed accordingly and so the minutes before dinner were a flurry of activity.
We have, from the left, Very Blue; Very Blue and a bit silly, and Very Beautiful.
Also known as (throughout the meal) Joe Moustache, Beatrix and Priscilla.

Here we have.... well.... quite gorgeous!!
The Handsome Honey did well!
(or I should say 'Professor Horatio)

Our 'Downton Abbey' pose :)
(Prof Horatio with Madame Gertrude!)

Then there is the real us.
Yep, we're geeks!

The 'geek-ettes'

Oooh isn't he lovely!
I just adore that man!

The true definition of Very Beautiful.
A baby.
(she was called 'Sweet Valentine' for the evening)


  1. Sounds like a fun dinner! What a cool idea =) You guys are awesome

  2. So fun! You all look beautiful to me. <3

  3. Fun idea! Now I'm inspired to throw a Mexican-themed BBQ this summer and make everyone dress up.

    Now, where to buy a giant sombrero in Hamilton...