Thursday, August 16, 2012

River City Bible Church turns 2

Sadly I wasn't able to go on the 2nd anniversary of our church (sick boy!)
- so the Handsome Honey took a few shots of the shared lunch afterwards.
Lots of lovely people (and surprisingly not many of the 40 kids who attend managed to get in the photos!)

Church planting was never something that we had thought we would do -
nor, in honesty, something we had desired. 

But when the Lord has a work for you to do, you go ahead and do it. 
My honey is the most faithful man I know. Faithful to the Lord and His church, to the Word and to His people. He is an example to me daily of his selfless and tireless work which he somehow manages to fit in with working another job, being a great dad and a wonderful handsome honey. Not to mention fulfilling all The Projects that I come up with.

I am so thankful to be married to someone so amazing.

Very thankful indeed.

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