Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Busy days, happy hearts

It's been a bit busy at the cottage of late. 
We've had lots of sickness with the kids and today Miss 6 is tucked up in bed with a bucket nearby
(yep, we all know what that means.... ugh!)

We've also had lots of visitors which is always nice,
not to mention the schoolwork hours.

I've been busy with another project as my publisher wants to release a boys companion book with my girls book coming out in November. Can anyone say 'burning the midnight oil'? :)

And of course there has been some fun family time too.
Some of that revolves around a pink chair we got off Trade Me for our 'library'
(every school should have a library, right?)

All in all we are doing well. 
But would appreciate prayer as we continue on trying to get the balance of life, family and ministry.

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