Thursday, March 17, 2011

A catch up

It's been a while, much has been happening.
So... in a nutshell.....

This dear man turned 40.
We had a wonderful celebration with about 40 people in our home.
I forgot to take pictures - oops!

A dear friend made a 'SURPRISE!' trip over for the special occasion.
What a neat time we had (esp that dinner at Nando's...).
We miss you Tony - thanks for coming!

My honey went to Shepherds Conference.
A huge blessing to him and for our family as he came home 
refreshed and encouraged and fed. 
Thank you Grace Church xx

My favourite quilting store in Montrose.... this dear lady 
remembers us from each visit. Bryan is one of three men who
frequent her store for their wives fabric needs.... :)

In fine form at the Masters College
As an aside, B picked up some leaflets in case our kids want to go there....
in about 10 years time! 

One of the highlights of being able to go to Shepherd's conference 
Time with dear friends....
We miss you Spuurs!! xx

While B was away the kids and I went to my parents for 10 days. 
It was great to see how my dad is coping after losing his leg in Dec. 

But the highlight for me of Shepherd's Conference.....
having my honey come home.
I am a blessed woman.
Thank you Lord

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