Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Historic Village field trip....

One of the cool things about homeschooling is that school is what you make it.
I find it very easy to get 'book focused' and sometimes school work becomes another thing for me to cross of my list of things to do that day.... but I homeschool so I can spend time with my kids. Time to just be together and laugh and play and grow and love. So sometimes I need remember that, put the books away and just BE with my kids.
Today we left the books on the shelves, the girls donned bonnets and we joined friends on a visit to a historic village (complete with costume dress). 

In school! 

The cheesiest grins ever!

Some of these rules are hilarious!
(double click to get the bigger picture)
I could never have been a teacher - I would have to stop "loitering downtown in the ice cream shops"!

The cutest little praire girls around!


  1. Looks like you all had a fab day! The Historic Village looks gorgeous, great that you have such a neat place close by. Your girls look like Little House on the Prairie girls - cute.

  2. oh what a great day. We've done a kindy trip there before - its a great little place!
    Your girls look so cute.

  3. The girls are too cute! Looks like a lovely field trip!
    Ummm, there are a couple of those rules that would definitely keep me from being a teacher. I REALLy like ice cream, I would definitely be dying my hair and there is no way I will wear 2 petticoats!

  4. And that, my dear Laura is precisely why you are so dear to me! xx

    Thanks all, it was really fun!