Monday, October 11, 2010

Back to school

8:30am Monday morning and the students are working (ah... giggling) already....

Still giggling.....
(Ps - please note the tidy and organised bookshelves - yay me!)

Ok - now we are working....


  1. This is so wonderful! You make me feel like driving up to the school gates (in the hail - yes, foul weather today in Wellington - and pulling my big girl out of school. Well done and good on you for home educating (and love those tidy bookshelves!) x

  2. Thanks Sarah! Yes it's a good life... and as I lit the fire and smelt the bread in the breadmaker while the girls did their work (as it poured down with rain) I really felt how GOOD it is to be home!! :)Sorry about that Wgtn hail.... maybe you guys need to move to a warmer part of the country!

  3. oh how I wish I had the strength and patience to homeschool. I dream about it but just dont know if I could.
    My darlings are home today due to school being closed because of rain and I cant even get them to do their homework!!!