Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lunchtime fun

I love these three. I am often asked "How can you bear to home-school?" - well, look at those faces.
 How could I not?

And yes... someone still has pj's on ... at lunchtime... it's been a busy morning!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Laugh Out Loud!

If you are in need of a big ol' belly laugh, you need to watch this

It will really put a smile on your dial!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ta Dah!

One winter project finished!

This is the first cardigan I have knitted, the first zipper I have sewn, and I am pretty happy with it. So tempted to wake my little guy to try it on him.. but that would be silly... wouldn't it?
Yes, it would.

Now onwards and upwards... the next project awaits!

PS - Having looked at the photo, one arm looks longer than the other.
It's true.
All of my children have one arm longer than the other.
Just kidding.

But as to the cardi - well... I have just counted the stripes and yep, one is longer - *sigh*
It's like I told you. I am a baker, not a knitter.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

What three things would you ask the Queen?

L (4) I would say "Elizabeth, why do you just sit there?  
         Mama: "So you're on first name terms with the queen?"

G (6) I would like to ask her how she gets to be so sparkly.

What would you ask?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sometimes it's just good to laugh out loud!

I was looking through some photos today and came across this wee movie we took of Georgia's birthday back in summer. I hate hearing myself speak... but Jack was so funny laughing at the girls blowing out birthday cake candles, I just had to share it. In case you can't work it out, the cake is a treasure chest.... obviously I made it in the 'pre Red Mixer' days before I was a baker! ;)
Having kids has reminded me that it's good to laugh at the little things in life!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We are online!

Our exciting news is that we are church planting! I realise this is old news to many of you - but the new thing is that today our website became available.

Check it out!

This breaks all my rules in terms of giving too much info.... but I trust none of you are knife weilding stalkers! And my honey told me to put it on. So there.


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tea Party Talk... part two

How am I going to get my tea party chatter more intentional?

1.Take one empty Sucrets tin.

2. Decorate the top (this is essential clearly!)

3. Make some conversation starter cards
- I am starting off with about 8 different questions, story starters, etc

eg. If you could mail yourself anywhere, where would you go
The Queen has invited you for tea. What 3 things would you ask her?
What is your dream day?

4. Write some instructions and glue to the inside lid, pop cards inside

5. Pour the tea and get chatting!

Tea Time Talk

We love tea parties in our house. They aren't usually anything too posh (although sometimes they are!) but there are some key ingredients which have become quite the necessity.
1. Tea in a pot. Often a mix of gumboot and earl grey. That's my favourite.
2. Cups and saucers and cake plates - none of which match.
3. Cake. And plenty of it.
4. Candle. A cinnamon one - mmmmm
5. Necklaces. Usually plastic. Often 3 or 4 - each.

It's a lot of fun but often times the tea party talk becomes focused on who wants to pour the milk or who gets the last piece of cake (uh - that's mama's, right girls?) So yesterday I decided I wanted the conversation to be a little more intentional. I had some questions to ask - some silly and some serious. The conversation was hilarious and I learnt some things about my girls. Like Georgia wants to go to Africa to tell people about Jesus - but she would be in a cage so that no snakes or cheetah's would get her. And Lucy, she wishes that we still lived in England. I never knew that. She misses Grandma and Grandpa. I knew that. I miss them too.

So I had a wee thought that I need to do something to make sure that every tea party is full of fun and serious conversation. Another necessity for every tea party... Tea Party Talk. Watch this space for what I mean.....

PS - for those of you freaking out that my kids drink tea - they do. It's more milk than tea. But I am ok with that :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

It definately helped

It's officical. I am a baker!
I picked up my new mixer on Monday. I then spent half an hour on the phone with my mum as I rearranged my kitchen, trying to decide where it was going to go. Then I spent the next half an hour putting everything back as I put it on the bench where I first thought it should go.
Ridiculous I know. Tiredness - it's my only excuse for such silly behaviour.

So... anyways. Please feast your eyes on The Red Mixer.
You will note the almost empty cookie jar next to it. Almost empty. That is surely a signal of baking success. yeah!

PS - some fun news to share soon. Watch this space - the excitement is building here at Completely Cottage. Can't wait to share it!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Winter holiday fun

Nothin' much to say today - just some photos for those of you who love my kids!!

Bryan calls the hat 'The Helmet' - and as you can see it is too small already!

We are not the kind of parents that just buy stuff willy nilly. (Yes, I said Willy Nilly.) But life has been a little 'unexpectedly different' this year and so we felt like we needed something really fun as a family... combine that deisre with a sale at 'the Big Red Store' (vs a non-sale on flights to LAX).... and walah! A trampoline (which now has safety nets around it...)

Look closely and you will see The Dog sitting on The Baby... in the car. A quick drive for a riverside walk/bike.

Training wheels on.....

The best I could get (you know that I mean it's the best photo... right?!) ....

Two cuties!

Training wheels off!! I am not sure what to say about Lucy. Except maybe she has her mothers imagination... and sense of fashion.

Enjoy xx

Friday, July 2, 2010

This will definately help....

So, I was helping my mum today spend her Fly Buys points.... and she ordered herself one of these. And... then she ordered me one too!!!! Wahay! It's not a Kitchen Aid.... but it's fantastic... and best of all... it's free!!!

Thanks Mum!! xxxx

PS - I had a major baking success this week. Just thought you might want to know. :)